Oh, Cey, Can You See?

By Blaidd Drwg

This would have been even funnier if the occasional occurring penguin characters showed up in this strip. From Pearls Before Swine, April 6th.

The Importance of Cheese

By Iron Chef Leftovers

I have to say, I totally agree with Pig. Fortunately for me, Mrs. Iron Chef loves cheese as much as I do. From Pearls Before Swine, April 7th.

Neeext Wine Revoo

Bie Larry LeCroc

Me drunk too much.







From Pearls Before Swine on 2/8/14.

Mee First Wine Revue

Bye Larry LeCroc

Me has touble weeth wine bottel.







From Pearls Before Swine on 2/7/14.

A Beer Themed Amusement Park?

By Iron Chef Leftovers

Unfortunately only in the deranged mind of Stephan Pastis. From a string of strips from Pearls Before Swine:







Serving a Whole Fish

By Iron Chef Leftovers

This is the kind of reaction that Mrs. Iron Chef would have in this situation. I never understood why people get upset when their food comes from a whole animal. Does not realizing what you are eating had a head and tail and used to be moving make it better?

Anyway, […]

I Have To Agree

By Iron Chef Leftovers

about the love of ravioli…but I still wouldn’t get the tattoo.

From Pearls Before Swine on 7/18.

Sports Teams and Bookmaking

By Blaidd Drwg

I think this is the bookie that got Pete Rose in trouble. From Pearls Before Swine on 5/28.




Just a note – this is actually in the middle of an ongoing series. In case you haven’t figured it out. The baby is the bookie.


The Best Way to Guard Lebron?

By Blaidd Drwg

When I played pickup basketball when I was younger, we used to say “no autopsy, no foul.”

I am pretty sure this would qualify as a foul. From Pearls Before Swine on 3/24.







On a side note, I love Snuffles (the cat) wearing shorts.


I Suppose This is Fair

By Iron Chef Leftovers

If you are a pig and eat a cobbler, I suppose you should offer the cobbler some bacon too.

From Pearls Before Swine on January 1.