A No-Knead With Barley Flour


On the left is a No-Knead Bread that substitutes 25% barley flour for the bread flour. The bread on the right is the normal recipe:

The barley flour bread was baked in a smaller container, which accounts for some of the difference. Overall though, the barley dough didn’t rise nearly as much as […]

Spelt Flour In A No-Knead, And A Helpful Handling Idea


I recently decided to start experimenting with flours other than “regular” wheat flour, so I purchased some Spelt flour, Rye flour, and Barley flour.

First up:  Spelt flour.

Pictured is the No-Knead recipe, substituting out 30% of the Bread flour and using Spelt instead.

Notes On “2017 No Knead Tweaks”: 

When I started making No […]

Focaccia. Simple.

by A.J. Coltrane

Making rustic breads is easy. Focaccia is even easier. The recent-high-school-graduate niece made the loaf below, with very little coaching.

This became one of two caprese sandwiches for GNOIF. (She made both breads.) Both of the breads were devoured in no time.

The ingredients are essentially the same as for the […]