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Those who love me know of my man-crush on Alton Brown. Not only is he responsible igniting my interest in the science of food, he made the single best cooking show ever with Good Eats. I had the pleasure of meeting him several times over the years and he is a […]

The Importance of Cheese

By Iron Chef Leftovers

I have to say, I totally agree with Pig. Fortunately for me, Mrs. Iron Chef loves cheese as much as I do. From Pearls Before Swine, April 7th.

Jamie Oliver, Culinary Linguist

By Iron Chef Leftovers

It is a good thing Jamie Oliver can cook and knows how to run a restaurant empire because he would be starving in the streets if he relied on his “mastery” of the Cantonese language.

Wine Reviews On CSE

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After much negative feedback and just a general lack of qualities in the reviews, we have decided to fire Larry LeCroc and have taken appropriate action to sack the parties responsible for hiring him in the first place.

They haav bean replaced weeth a noo stav to doo win revoos.

The […]

Idaho – Famous…Wines?

By Iron Chef Leftovers

I would have never guessed that Idaho isn’t just a wine region, they grow potatoes and have tons of outdoor activites too!

This funny video was put together by the Idaho Wine Commission. It is worth the 3 minutes of your time to watch it.

UK Restaurant Thefts

By Iron Chef Leftovers

I have head of thieves breaking into restaurants to steal booze, money and food (yep – there is a major black market for spendy ingredients), but furniture, and just the furniture, that is a new one:

A Thai restaurant has been “left one chair” after almost all its furniture was taken […]

A Beer Themed Amusement Park?

By Iron Chef Leftovers

Unfortunately only in the deranged mind of Stephan Pastis. From a string of strips from Pearls Before Swine:







Serving a Whole Fish

By Iron Chef Leftovers

This is the kind of reaction that Mrs. Iron Chef would have in this situation. I never understood why people get upset when their food comes from a whole animal. Does not realizing what you are eating had a head and tail and used to be moving make it better?

Anyway, […]

I Have To Agree

By Iron Chef Leftovers

about the love of ravioli…but I still wouldn’t get the tattoo.

From Pearls Before Swine on 7/18.


By Iron Chef Leftovers

I wish I had thought of this one….