Cooking for Ferran Adria

By Iron Chef Leftovers

Could you imagine having to cook a meal for a man who many consider the best chef on the planet? How about one involving 50 courses? That is what the folks over at Modernist Cuisine did earlier this month when Ferran Adria came for a visit. The video montage looks amazing, […]

Feast Portland

By Iron Chef Leftovers

Food festivals can be great or terrible, depending on how they are handled. Portland has one that does it right – Feast Portland. It runs this year from September 19 – 22nd and gets pricey since all of the events are ticketed, but check out the chef lineup here, then tell […]

Upcoming Events of Interest

By Iron Chef Leftovers

A few potentially fun cooking related events will be happening around Seattle in April.

On April 9th, chocolate guru, Autumn Martin will be doing a free event at the Book Larder in Fremont promoting her new book: Malts & Milkshakes: 60 Recipes for Frosty, Creamy Frozen Treats. I am sure there […]