A Hansel And Gretel Ending?

By Iron Chef Leftovers


Visiting Dot’s Deli on Halloween might be worse that going to the gingerbread house in Hansel and Gretel. From their specials menu on 10/31:

Spicy Meatball Sandwich – with pork/stray children, parmigiano reggiano, $10.

I can only hope the chlidren are free range. If meatballs don’t excite you, go with […]

The Great Cheese Steak Search – Dot’s Deli

By Iron Chef Leftovers

I have previous reviewed Dot’s Deli here, so I won’t do that again. Dot’s has become a regular in the Iron Chef lunch rotation, mostly due to their intriguing specials like the tongue sandwich or the cheesesteak. Because of the lack of a good cheesesteak in Seattle, I decided to give […]