Baguettes, And Another Bread Thing I’ve Been Thinking About


I think I’m learning more baking baguettes than I am most other things right now, and I think that’s because they’re encouraging me to look holistically at how I’m approaching bread baking —  I feel like I can make a focaccia or a No Knead and they’re relatively forgiving. Baguettes require more attention to… everything […]

Boule On The 4th Of July


I’m getting more comfortable with the bannetons. I think they’re getting more “seasoned” too.

A boule “born” on the 4th of July:

The Recipe – 600 grams bread flour, 390 grams refrigerator water (baker’s percentage 65%), 13 grams salt (2.25%), 6 grams diastatic malt powder, 3/8 tsp instant yeast.

Combine ingredients and mix […]

Another Simple (3 Hour) Focaccia

by A.J. Coltrane

Served at this tomato tasting. Most recent Rosemary Focaccia here.

I’ve gradually been dialing back the amount of oil that I’ve been putting into focaccias…

Background: When I started making focaccia I always measured the oil by volume. At some point I decided that seemed like a silly way to do it […]

A Simple Onion Focaccia

by A.J. Coltrane

The current go-to focaccia. This is the one I make when I have three hours to prepare something — short notice by bread standards.

The Recipe:

1. Finely slice 100g of onion. (Red onion, sweet onion, scallions, bunch onions — they all work.) Lightly saute the onion in 100g (7 TBP) of […]

Baked Potato Bread

by A.J. Coltrane

I thought it would be fun to try combining instant mashed potato into a bread, inspired by this Onion-Potato Focaccia. The catch was, I had two hours from the initial mixing until the bread needed to be out of the oven. Two hours isn’t remotely enough time to naturally develop flavors in […]