Pigs In A Blanket


I recently received Anthony Bourdain’s – Appetites: A Cookbook.

There are some funny bits and some smart bits. And some stuff about his kid. In the “Party 101” chapter Bourdain shares some ideas from his catering background. What caught me was this:

…All that being said, the single most important lesson I learned over […]

Are There Free Refills With That?

By Iron Chef Leftovers

This conversation was supposedly overheard at Le Bernadin recently:

As my boyfriend and I are finishing a celebratory dinner at Le Bernardin, on West 55th Street, a couple in their 50s wearing festive sweaters sits down at the next table. Waitress (to the couple): “Can I offer you a drink before […]

How to Soften the Blow of a Bad Review

By Iron Chef Leftovers

I have never met Guy Fieri, but I really don’t like the guy who Anthony Bourdain once called “The Poochie of Food Network.” I have never been to any of his restaurants, so I can’t comment on if they are any good, but he recently opened a 500 seat monstrosity in […]