Watching Paint Dry

By Bladd Drwg

I have no real love for MLS soccer – the play reminds me of schoolyard basketball, the skill level is marginal compared to watching any European team play and the officiating is downright atrocious. I did recently go see the US Open Cup final between Seattle and Kansas City and was treated […]

Bench Him Like Beckham?

By Blaidd Drwg

How did this action by David Beckham only land him a yellow card (other than it was David Beckham, the only real marketable player in MLS) and a one game suspension that is only the result of multiple yellows this season? This should have been a red and a couple of games […]

The Stupidity of the NFL Playoff System

By Drwg Blaidd

The NFL really needs to change the way that the playoffs are seeded. We have had 2 consecutive seasons where a team that was .500 or worse got to host a team that was at least 4 wins better than them in the opening round of the playoffs.

I think that the […]

Assorted Sports Thoughts

by A.J. Coltrane

Mike Leach to the Cougars: 

To quote Leach – “You can win here and win big, I believe.”

Washington State football just got a lot more entertaining — I may actually make a point to watch a game or two next year. WSU will throw the ball all over the place, […]

Manchester United and Their US Tour

By Blaidd Drwg

Wayne Rooney – the man who scored more goals against the MLS in 22 minutes than the MLS scored against ManU in 360 minutes.

Manchester United recently wrapped up their MLS exhibition tour with a 4 – 0 crushing of the MLS All-Stars in New York. In the 4 game series, […]

The Patrick Ianni

by A.J. Coltrane

THE Patrick Ianni

The Sounders scored four goals last Thursday. This was a good thing for me, as 3 or more goals means everybody gets a free haircut, and I was due.

When my haircut was about done a woman came into the shop with two kids, about ages 8 and […]