GNOIF: Monsters, Murder, and Mayhem. The Sequel.


GNOIF #29 recap — GNOIF:  Monsters, Murder, and Mayhem. The Sequel.  (Horror/Zombie/Vampire themes)

Games That Got Played:  Dixit, Exploding Kittens, Kill Dr. Lucky (boardgame), Mystery of the Abbey, Ultimate Werewolf

Games That Didn’t Get Played:  Betrayal at the House on the Hill, Dark Gothic, Fluxx (Zombie), Guillotine, King of Tokyo, Last Night on Earth, Mr […]

GNOIF: GNOIF Is Working For A Living


GNOIF #28 recap — GNOIF: GNOIF Is Working For A Living (Industry/ Worker Placement themes)

Games That Got Played:  Biotix, Circus Flohcati, Terraforming Mars.

Games That Didn’t Get Played: We really only offered the three games. Everyone was looking forward to Terraforming Mars, so that’s what we played.

The small crowd had fun late […]

Recommended Game: Darkrock Ventures


Title: Darkrock Ventures

Game Type:  Worker placement. Think Agricola, except that the theme is mining in outer space instead of farming in the Dark Ages.

Number of Players:  1-5. I’m guessing it’s best with 4.

Complexity of Rules:  Low-Medium. The rulebook is awful. Much more on that in a moment.

Time to Play:  […]

Recommended Game — STOP THIEF!



Game Type:  Deduction/reasoning.

Number of Players:  2-4

Complexity of Rules:  Low

Time to Play:  30 minutes. Usually less

The Concept:  [From the inside of the box:]


A crime is being committed…but where?

In the jewelry store? The bank? Where will the thief […]



GNOIF #26 recap — GNOIF: GNOIF Gets Lucky (Wealth/Luck/Asian Themes (Chinese New Year))

Games That Got Played:  Code Names (Deep Under Cover), The Dragon & Flagon, Hanabi, Incan Gold, King of Tokyo, Lost Cities Board Game, Seven Dragons, Ticket to Ride Asia, Ticket to Ride Europe.

Games That Didn’t Get Played:  Avalon – Resistance, Five Tribes, […]

Recommended Game — 7 Wonders Duel


Title: Seven Wonders Duel

Game Type:  Card Drafting/ Civilization Building

Number of Players:  2

Complexity of Rules:  Medium-Low. Easy to learn if you’ve already familiar with 7 Wonders.

Time to Play:  30 minutes according to the box. I think we’ve been running vaguely longer.

The Concept:  Players take turns drafting cards from the available (topmost) cards […]

GNOIF: GNOIF’s Day Of Infamy


GNOIF #25 recap — GNOIF: GNOIF’s Day Of Infamy (War/Water themes. (Pearl Harbor))

Games That Got Played:  Amerigo, Avalon – Resistance, Hanabi, Star Realms.

Games That Didn’t Get Played:  Bang!, Batt’l Kha’os, Castle Panic, Pirate Fluxx, Forbidden Island, Nuclear War, Pirate’s Cove, Small World, Tiny Epic Kingdoms, Ultimate Werewolf.

Not many games got played, because GNOIF […]

GNOIF: Run For Your Life GNOIF!

by A.J. Coltrane

GNOIF #24 recap — GNOIF: Run For Your Life GNOIF! (Horror/zombie/vampire themes.)

Games That Got Played:  Dark Gothic, Exploding Kittens, King Of Tokyo, Mysterium, Pirates Ninjas Robots And Zombies.

Games That Didn’t Get Played:  Betrayal At The House On The Hill, Blood Rage, Dead Fellas, The Doom That Came To Atlantic City, Dracula, […]

GNOIF: It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! It’s a Zepplin?!

by A.J. Coltrane

GNOIF #23 recap — GNOIF: It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! It’s a Zepplin?! (Steampunk and Transportation themes.)

Games That Got Played:  Fluxx (Firefly), Forbidden Island, Get Dr. Lucky, Lost Cities, Rocketville, Steampunk Rally, Ticket To Ride Europe.

Games That Didn’t Get Played:  Catan (Starship), Galaxy Trucker, Hanabi, Infernal Contraption, Pirate’s Cove, Power […]

A Blast From The Past: Revolt On Antares

by A.J. Coltrane

Back in the early 80’s TSR (the D&D people) published minigames. A minigame would come in a small plastic case with dice, a short rulebook, and a small map:

For scale: An over-exposed nickel on the left

If you look closely at the top of the picture you’ll see the hole used […]