Recommended Food TV: BBQ With Franklin

by A.J. Coltrane

I recently “found” a new show — BBQ With Franklin. Hosted by Texas pitmaster Aaron Franklin, the show covers topics such as:

The different varieties of wood and selecting the appropriate piece for the application. Making sausage. Comparing different types of smokers, and how to build one from scratch. Brisket. Chicken. Pork. […]

Dishwasher Lasagna

By Iron Chef Leftovers

You may remember that Culinary God Food Network Star Alton Brown appeared on Mythbusters. I had not realized there was actually a segment that did not make it into the show – I give you Dishwasher Lasagna.

Top Chef Duels

By Iron Chef Leftovers

Top Chef has apparently abandoned the all-star concept and is instead going with a head-to-head competition involving former contestants. From reading the description, it sounds like this is going to be Top Chef Chopped with a twist, that being:

Rivalries will be intensified as “Top Chef Duels” ups the ante and […]

Andrew Zimmern in Portland

By Iron Chef Leftovers

I have always like Andrew Zimmern, host of Travel Channel’s, “Bizarre Foods.” The man has no fear about eating things that most people would find strange, although I do question his ability to actually taste anything since he actually likes lutefisk (one of about 4 things I will never eat again).


Ooh! It’s so good!

By Iron Chef Leftovers

Back in my younger days when I still had my Iron Chef Training Wheels, there was no Food Network, no internet and cooking shows were primarily limited to PBS and starred such greats as Jeff Smith (The Frugal Gourmet), Julia Child, Justin Wilson (or as he called himself, Justiiin Wil-son, my […]

Top Chef: Seattle

By Iron Chef Leftovers

The new season premier has officially been announced for November 7th. Bravo also announced the contestants. It is a somewhat underwhelming lineup, especially after the firepower they brought out last season, but the real kick in the groin; not a single Seattle chef in the lineup. I know that the 3 […]

Top Chef:Seattle

By Iron Chef Leftovers

If there was any question if Top Chef was filming in Seattle, there has been a Padma sighting at Mistral and the entire crew at Walrus and Carpenter.

Since it is official that they will start filming next week, some challenges I would love to see:

Geoduck – It’s a clam […]

Back In My Day, Minimalist Style

by A.J. Coltrane

Mark Bittman, on his show The Minimalist. While using a serrated knife to slice as steak, he had this to say:

I wonder if my mom is watching?

Mom, you watching? How am I doing?

(mom voice)  Why are you using that stupid knife?

(Bittman)  My father would come out with an […]

Check, Please! Northwest

by A.J. Coltrane

Check, Please! Northwest features three “local diners” visiting three restaurants, then comparing their experiences on the air with host Amy Pennington.

As might be expected from a show with non-professional reviews,  the quality and usefulness of the commentary can vary wildly. One episode featured a guy who clearly wasn’t comfortable anywhere besides TGIMcFunsters. Another […]

Where Should Top Chef Film Next?

By Iron Chef Leftovers

Seattle is on the short list of places for the next season of Top Chef. Seattle is really overshadowed by San Francisco and LA as a culinary mecca, but you have some really cutting edge stuff coming out of here (the Modernist Cuisine Crew) and some fantastic chef doing amazing stuff […]