Mee First Wine Revue

Bye Larry LeCroc

Me has touble weeth wine bottel.







From Pearls Before Swine on 2/7/14.

A New Weekly Feature at CSE

By Iron Chef Leftovers

In an effort to bring in more readers and further expand the scope of the blog, we have hired a new wine writer to produce a weekly review of wines. He comes well recommended with extensive wine knowledge and many years in the industry, so I will introduce you to Larry […]

When In Russia…

By Iron Chef Leftovers

…go to McDonalds, or the cafeteria at the American compound, but don’t try any actual local food. This montage gets more and more idiotic as it goes on.

You really flew 5000 miles to a country and cultrue very different from your own and you don’t bother to try anything? Really?


Idaho – Famous…Wines?

By Iron Chef Leftovers

I would have never guessed that Idaho isn’t just a wine region, they grow potatoes and have tons of outdoor activites too!

This funny video was put together by the Idaho Wine Commission. It is worth the 3 minutes of your time to watch it.

UK Restaurant Thefts

By Iron Chef Leftovers

I have head of thieves breaking into restaurants to steal booze, money and food (yep – there is a major black market for spendy ingredients), but furniture, and just the furniture, that is a new one:

A Thai restaurant has been “left one chair” after almost all its furniture was taken […]

Go for the Specials

By Iron Chef Leftovers

There are a ton of them. One of the better pranks that I have seen and some creative making up of dishes.

Because I Am Lazy

By Iron Chef Leftovers

Enjoy my favorite cat quotes from and the review of Tao in NYC:

My personal favorite. That is exactly what I would look like if someone ruined a $41 lobster dish and served it to me.


Obvioulsy this cat had much higher expectations of the dish.


Hyperbole Much?

By Iron Chef Leftovers

There was recently a bad, but very humorous review of Tao Downtown, which list located in NYC, on The reviewer does not like the place at all, and has some wonderfully colorful descriptions of what he did not like. My favorite:

“Looks like a graveyard,” my friend remarked, when the […]

NY vs. Chicago

By Iron Chef Leftovers


Jon Stewart had a piece on the argument over which is the taller building – the new WTC or the Willis Tower. About half way through the piece, it degrades into one of the greatest rants against Chicago style pizza ever recorded.

The summary – he is right, but […]

Being Lazy

By Iron Chef Leftovers

I was going to post a recipe here, but I am being lazy about writing it, so I debated what to put in its place. So you get Pearls Before Swine from October 29th.










In poor taste? Probably, but trust me […]