Hops & Props 2015

by A.J. Coltrane

We’ve never missed a Hops & Props. [2012 post here.] Our group has evolved as some younger members hit drinking age, and the event itself has changed over the years too.

The first year, it felt like nobody really knew about it. It was mostly a beer-snob crowd. The next couple of years […]

Cooking for Ferran Adria

By Iron Chef Leftovers

Could you imagine having to cook a meal for a man who many consider the best chef on the planet? How about one involving 50 courses? That is what the folks over at Modernist Cuisine did earlier this month when Ferran Adria came for a visit. The video montage looks amazing, […]

A Culinary Challenge

By Iron Chef Leftovers

Here’s the challenge: cook an omelet. Sounds easy, right?

How about having to prepare a French omelet the same way Jacques Pepin does in a video which you get to screen? Still not too bad.

How about doing it in 7 ½ minutes? Ok, getting a little tougher.

With a culinary […]

The Next Big Thing in Chocolate

By Iron Chef Leftovers

If you like chocolate, you should really pay attention to where your chocolate is being sourced. Most of it is poor quality, purchased in bulk and is produced with unethical labor practices. Fortunately, there has been an alternative that is catching on (finally) in the chocolate world called bean-to-bar. It isn’t […]

Taking a Chance on Wild Game

By Iron Chef Leftovers

I have to give some props to the Quebecois government. The French speaking part of Canada has the right mindset when it comes to food – they allow the production of unpasteurized milk cheese and allow the import of it (making it the only place that I know that you can […]

Mark Your Calendars, Hop Heads of Seattle

By Iron Chef Leftovers

Twelve Breweries, all doing triple IPA’s, all being served at once.

The breweries:

Reuben’s Brews Naked City Brewery & Taphouse Pike Brewing Elysian Brewing Black Raven Brewing Airways Brewing Bainbridge Island Brewing Populuxe Brewing Georgetown Brewing Stoup Brewing Spinnaker Bay Brewing Strong Arm Brewing

The venues:

February 17th – Brouwer’s Café […]

Hyperbole Much?

By Iron Chef Leftovers

There was recently a bad, but very humorous review of Tao Downtown, which list located in NYC, on Bloomberg.com. The reviewer does not like the place at all, and has some wonderfully colorful descriptions of what he did not like. My favorite:

“Looks like a graveyard,” my friend remarked, when the […]

Brew Dog in Australia

By Iron Chef Leftovers

Maybe I should just sell my remaining stash of Sink the Bismark and Tactical Nuclear Penguin. They did only cost me about $75 per bottle…

BrewDog Beers Commanding Stupid Money in Oz (Sydney, Australia) – Although hardly a phenomenon unique to Australia, BrewDog beers are commanding big bucks “down under.” The […]

Son of a….

By Iron Chef Leftovers

Rene Redzepi is coming to Seattle on November 18th and will be hosted at a meal cooked by Matt Dillon and Blaine Wetzel.

In case you aren’t aware – Redzepi is the chef at the #1 restaurant in the world Noma in Copenhagen.

Dillon is one of the best chefs in […]

A Beer Afternoon on the Kitsap Peninsula

By Iron Chef Leftovers

A few of us recently went on a brewery tour of the Bainbridge/Poulsbo area to celebrate loyal blog reader Annie’s birthday. We hopped the ferry from Seattle to Bainbridge and left the driving to the guys from the Peninsula Brewery Tour company (more on them later) and hit 4 breweries – […]