Instant Pot Shredded Beef


We have a new toy in the kitchen for 2019 — an Instant Pot. The pressure cooker is a form of cooking that I’ve never been exposed to. I thought it would be a good idea to start super simple:  Shredded Beef Tacos. I used the Saute function to brown 1.5 pounds of top round […]

Potato Pizza


If there is a “traditional” Potato Pizza I think it features Yukon Gold potatoes and rosemary. Some versions include onion. Some will peel and/or pre-cook the potatoes, others do not. More than one recipe on the internet utilizes ranch dressing.. which, whatever. For dinner last night I wanted to target “simple, unfussy, and what I imagine […]

Buttery Cheesy Breadsticks With Even More Cheese


I made Buttery Cheesy Breadsticks again, this time for Thanksgiving:

This time I used a lot more cheese than in 2017. I pressed as much as I could onto both sides before twisting.

The recipe was basically the same as this post from March 2017. The changes were:  (1.) I used a mix of cheddar […]

2018 Container Garden Recap


It felt like the overall garden yield was a little low this year. That’s sort of true, though we didn’t we weigh the beans we harvested. As a flat guess the beans must have represented somewhere around 30 pounds, and they blocked the tomatillos from being as productive as they could have been. The […]

Pigs In A Blanket And Drying The Bean Harvest


A week-night game night with hot dogs in the refrigerator. That meant it was time for Pigs In A Blanket!

(Clockwise from top left:  Gloomhaven top left, Beverages top right, Arty Mustard bottom right, Napkins bottom left.)

The dough was just a quick pizza dough with a little extra oil — around 6%. I rolled the dough […]

Container Garden Update — September 24, 2018


It’s been cool, cloudy, and raining. Tomatoes are leaping onto the ground, the basil is done, and the cucumbers are looking weirder and weirder. That means it’s time to do The Final Harvest Of The Year. The boy cat had to investigate:

The dining table is also “his spot”, so I’m not sure […]

Container Garden Update — September 9, 2018


The 2018 growing season has been highlighted by sudden and dramatic changes in the weather. The most recent change has been from sunny and hot to cloudy and rainy.

The oak tree thinks Fall Is Coming:

The garden agrees that Fall Is Near. Most everything is getting scraggly. Compare the picture below to the […]

Container Garden Update — August 26, 2018


The odd summer weather has continued. The air has been extremely smoky since the last post up until a few days ago. Now it’s overcast and cool.

We harvested the last of the tomatillos. It came to about 15 pounds:

We harvested the tomatillos at least in part because the beans were taking […]

Container Garden Update — August 12, 2018


The warm, sunny, 80ish degree weather is continuing. Fall is just around the corner and the garden is showing signs of wrapping it up. The tomatillos in particular need to be harvested since the plants are going downhill fast. We also found one “bad” leaf on the basil plant. By now we’ve come to […]

Container Garden Update — July 29, 2018


The last week has all been days over 80 – sometimes well over 80. This is one of those nights. If you squint you can actually see the heat hanging in the air. In some respects it’s gone from too cool to too hot without any “nice” weather in between.

This week’s lesson:  Next […]