Potato Pizza


If there is a “traditional” Potato Pizza I think it features Yukon Gold potatoes and rosemary. Some versions include onion. Some will peel and/or pre-cook the potatoes, others do not. More than one recipe on the internet utilizes ranch dressing.. which, whatever. For dinner last night I wanted to target “simple, unfussy, and what I imagine to be traditional”.

We have parsley growing in the salad table that’s been begging to be used as an ingredient in things, so parsley made it onto the pizza as well:

181210 pizza

The Dough (with baker’s percentages):  300 g bread flour, 190 g water (63%), 6 g kosher salt (2%), 9 g diastatic malt (3%), 9 g extra virgin olive oil (3%), instant yeast. I used 1/2 tsp yeast and allowed for more time. On a weeknight I’d use 1 tsp yeast to speed things along.

The Potatoes:  2 medium Yukon Gold potatoes. Boil for for 15-20 minutes. Let cool and peel. Slice thin either with a mandolin or knife (I used a knife). Mince as much rosemary, onions, and parsley as is desired — I wound up with about 1/4 cup in total. Toss the potatoes with enough olive oil to coat then toss with salt and the minced mixture. Coat the top of the pizza with a small amount of oil. Top the pizza with the potato mixture.

Bake at 500F for 12-14 minutes, or until nicely browned. Finish with grated parmesan.

This close-up photo has a vaguely red tint for some reason. I never let food photography stand in the way of eating for very long:

181210 pizza slice


I was pretty happy with this pizza. It’s really sort of another take Onion-Potato Focaccia (2010(!) post here), or Rosemary Focaccia (2014 post here),  or Berenbaum’s Rosemary Focaccia Sheet (2013 post here).

The 2010 post uses volume measurements instead of weights. That was my go-to recipe for a crowd for years. I may need to give that one another try this winter.

Happy Holidays!


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