Buttery Cheesy Breadsticks With Even More Cheese


I made Buttery Cheesy Breadsticks again, this time for Thanksgiving:

181122 cheesy breadsticks

This time I used a lot more cheese than in 2017. I pressed as much as I could onto both sides before twisting.

The recipe was basically the same as this post from March 2017. The changes were:   (1.) I used a mix of cheddar and gouda instead of the 2017 version that used parmesan. (2.) 800 grams of flour this time, the other measurements were scaled up to keep the same ratios.  (3.) Cheese on both sides. (4.) I  baked them in the oven 25 minutes, rather than 20. The breadsticks had better color this time as a result.

Note:  Putting 800 grams of a fairly stiff dough into a Kitchenaid mixer probably voids the warranty. I finished the kneading by hand because the mixer was clearly struggling.

So:  More cheese. Better color. If you look closely at the picture you’ll see “frico” hanging off of the sides of many of the breadsticks. People love frico. I probably could have just brought frico to the party instead and it would have been devoured regardless.

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