Pigs In A Blanket And Drying The Bean Harvest


A week-night game night with hot dogs in the refrigerator. That meant it was time for Pigs In A Blanket!

181014 pigs in a blanket

(Clockwise from top left:  Gloomhaven top left, Beverages top right, Arty Mustard bottom right, Napkins bottom left.)

The dough was just a quick pizza dough with a little extra oil — around 6%. I rolled the dough out thin and cut it into five pieces. I laid a hot dog on each piece and wrapped the dough around the dog. Then I cut the rolls into about 1″ pieces. Baked at 425-450 for 25 minutes.

The end result was exactly “fine”. I think next time I’ll try adding an egg or some sugar to the dough to make it more interesting. Changing out the hot dogs for a sausage with more character would help as well. Still, as “proof of concept” it was good. And it was easy and quick to do. Eaten with enough mustard I didn’t really notice the absence of real flavor in the dough.

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The final bean harvest happened this week as well. We grew two boxes of Fortex beans and one box of Rattlesnake beans. We’ve been harvesting the Fortex beans all summer, to the point where at year end we have more Rattlesnake beans than Fortex:

181014 beans

Now how to dry them? Window screens, with Gatorade bottles as “spacers”. They’re situated right next to a heater vent:

181014 drying racks

The top layer is the Rattlesnakes. The bottom layer is the Fortex. Seems to be working ok.


Visit Dave at Happy Acres Blog, host of Harvest Monday.


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