Container Garden Update — September 24, 2018


It’s been cool, cloudy, and raining. Tomatoes are leaping onto the ground, the basil is done, and the cucumbers are looking weirder and weirder. That means it’s time to do The Final Harvest Of The Year. The boy cat had to investigate:

boy cat harvest 180924

The dining table is also “his spot”, so I’m not sure he was impressed.

A close up:

180924 close up

(L-R back)  Carmen peppers, Paisano tomatoes, Carmens, Black Krim tomatoes.  (L-R front)  Tray 1: Hungarian Heart tomatoes, Cherry Bomb tomatoes, peppers that were mis-marked and might be Serrano or an equivalent, and a Trombincino zucchini. Tray 2: Cucumbers destined for cucumber water, Jimmy Nardello peppers.  Tray 3:  Romas.

I don’t think the yield was quite up to standards this year, but overall everything ripened pretty well, which isn’t a bad trade-off. Of course, we’re not quite completely done as there’s still these:

180924 garden

Beans. At this point we’re just letting them go to see how many big dried beans we’ll get. We didn’t weigh the beans but I’m betting their weight would pull the yearly total to about normal. Next year though we need to put them on the north side of the trellises rather than the south sides where they suck up all the sun.

More post-mortem to come.


Visit Dave at Happy Acres Blog, host of Harvest Monday.

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