Container Garden Update — September 9, 2018


The 2018 growing season has been highlighted by sudden and dramatic changes in the weather. The most recent change has been from sunny and hot to cloudy and rainy.

The oak tree thinks Fall Is Coming:

180909 oak

The garden agrees that Fall Is Near. Most everything is getting scraggly. Compare the picture below to the post two weeks ago. It’s a dramatic difference:

180909 overview

A closeup of the front row of tomatoes — this will be the last year we use Ultomato cages for anything heavy (total fail for the box on the right):

180909 tomatoes

The Cherry Bomb and “Hungarian Heart” box. We purchased the “Hungarian Heart” at Tilth, though it was labeled as Violet Jasper. A later phone conversation with someone at Tilth has placed these as “Hungarian Heart” as a best guess. They’re heirloom, and they’re late. There are still a few on the vines. We’ve harvested a couple of them. At this point I’m just hoping they’re not going end up as a complete bust:

180909 tomato

The peppers are doing well. Pictured are Jimmy Nardello and Carmen:

180909 peppers

The Fortex and Rattlesnake pole beans are slowing down, but they still look mostly healthy:

180909 beans

We’re going to get one more Tromboncino. Note the Fortex beans still cruising along in the back:

180909 zucchini

Tiny arugula (with big parsley) living on the middle level of the salad table. The salad table dries out fast, so I wanted to wait for the 80-degree and sunny weather to abate somewhat before starting seedlings. Hopefully we’ll have something to harvest between now and February:

180909 arugula

Yesterday’s harvest. Top tray has Black Krim tomatoes, Cherry Bomb tomatoes, and a few Carmen peppers. On the left are Roma. On the right are Pasiano tomatoes, Oregon Spring, and Taxis:

180909 harvest


A Caprese with three types of tomatoes (Black Krim, Roma, Hungarian Heart) and a few pepper strips for variety:

180909 carpese


Visit Dave at Happy Acres Blog, host of Harvest Monday.


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