Container Garden Update — August 26, 2018


The odd summer weather has continued. The air has been extremely smoky since the last post up until a few days ago. Now it’s overcast and cool.

We harvested the last of the tomatillos. It came to about 15 pounds:

180826 tomatillo

We harvested the tomatillos at least in part because the beans were taking over. Next year we’ll grow pole beans on the north side of the trellises, not the south side. This view is from the south. Two boxes of beans basically took over the trellis to the left and the trellis to the rear:

180826 beans

In the next picture the pole beans are on the north side of the trellis, with Tromboncino in the foreground. This approach was by far the better idea. They’re actually playing nicely together:

180826 zucchini and beans

We didn’t weigh the beans this year, but I’m guessing they more than made up for the somewhat lower than expected cucumber and tomatillo harvests. (L-R) Carmen peppers and cucumbers, Tromboncino, Fortex beans:


The Rattlesnake beans. We’ll see how well they size up before the frost:

180826 rattlesnake beans

The tomatoes are winding down. The Taxis and Paisanos on the far left of the photo have uprooted their cage — it was Ultomato stakes stuck into the EarthBox. I think we need to invest in a few more robust cages:

180826 tomatoes

A close up of the harvest. It rained and many of the Oregon Spring tomatoes split. They’re much bigger than usual this year. The one sheet tray has about 10 pounds of tomatoes. The cherry tomatoes are Cherry Bomb, which we’ve really enjoyed. The peppers are Carmens (large) and Jimmy Nardello. The “oops I trimmed the wrong vine” tomatoes will be fried. They’re mostly Taxis:

180826 harvest 2


Visit Dave at Happy Acres Blog, host of Harvest Monday.


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