Container Garden Update — August 12, 2018


The warm, sunny, 80ish degree weather is continuing. Fall is just around the corner and the garden is showing signs of wrapping it up. The tomatillos in particular need to be harvested since the plants are going downhill fast. We also found one “bad” leaf on the basil plant. By now we’ve come to realize that means it’s time to really start harvesting basil like there’s no tomorrow.

Here’s the basil box after we cut out about 1/3 of it and spread the bounty around the neighborhood:

180812 basil

Both of the pepper boxes fell over this week — onto the basil. They’re both really leaning, so we just spun one of the boxes around so that they could lean on each other for support:

180812 peppers

I think maybe something more substantial than Ultimato cages may be required in the future.

The Rattlesnake pole beans have basically taken over the trellis intended for tomatillos:

180812 beans

Some of the tomato vines are breaking under their own weight:

180812 tomato

We did get three “harvests” this week, plus about 10 pounds of pole (Fortex) beans. Here are Oregon Spring tomatoes, tomatillos, and a relatively photogenic cucumber:

180812 harvest1

5 pounds of tomatillos:

180812 harvest2

We should be able to fill another 3-4 sheet trays with tomatillos in the next few days.

Finally, some of the weeks’ tomatoes.

180812 harvest3

(L-R) Taxi, Black Krim, Oregon Spring, Roma, more Fortex beans.

We should see a deluge of ripening fruit the next couple of weeks. It’s definitely going to keep us busy.


Visit Dave at Ourhappyacres, host of Harvest Monday.

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