Container Garden Update — July 29, 2018


The last week has all been days over 80 – sometimes well over 80. This is one of those nights. If you squint you can actually see the heat hanging in the air. In some respects it’s gone from too cool to too hot without any “nice” weather in between.

This week’s lesson:   Next year we’re growing the pole beans on the north side of the trellises. Here a picture of the pole beans “competing” with the cucumbers (left) and tomatillos (right):

180729 beans and cukes

This week’s other lesson:  Growing pole beans on the 8′ trellis is a good idea… if you’re 8′ tall (The pole beans are on the far left of the picture sharing the trellis with the Tromboncino. The Black Krims in the center container are dwarfed by everything going on, and they’re over 7′ tall):

180729 beans and zucchini

I pruned the tomato plants on Saturday and found a couple of ripe Oregon Spring tomatoes. It feels really late, but checking the spreadsheets shows that somewhere between the last week of July and the first week of August is usually when we get the first tomato harvests. You can see the build-up to big harvests coming:

180729 tomato

The peppers are ripening too. (Jimmy Nardellos in the foreground, Carmens on the right.):

180729 peppers

The basil. No matter how much we harvest it bounces back:

180729 basil

This picture probably represents the last overview of the garden before it starts looking ragged. (Tomatoes left and in the front 3 left boxes, two pepper boxes in the center front, then the basil on the right. In the rear (L-R) are the beans, Tromboncino, tomatillos, beans, and cucumbers:

180729 overview

A harvest picture — bush “Maxibel” beans on the left, tromboncino in the center, pole “Fortex” beans on the right:

180729 harvest


Visit Dave at Ourhappyacres, host of Harvest Monday.

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