Container Garden Update — July 1, 2018


The weather continues to sort-of-but-not-exactly cooperate. The forecast has called for a little rain the last few days, and it’s misting at the moment.

The raspberries haven’t gotten very tall, but there’s still a good amount of fruit:

180701 raspberries

There are two boxes (4 plants) of tomatillos. All of the plants started leaning strongly to the south about two weeks ago. Still, that’s why they’re trellised. I’m guessing the yield is going to be good:

180701 tomatillo

The Tromboncino plants are now well over 6′ tall. We should start seeing big fruits soon:

180701 tromboncino

The Taxis:

180701 taxi

The pole bean plants are going crazy though we haven’t seen any actual beans yet. There are two boxes of 20 plants each in the foreground. The box on the left (Fortex) got a one week head start on the right box (Rattlesnake):

180701 pole beans

An overview picture directly facing the photo above:

180701 overview2

An overview from the “front”:

180701 overview1

Last picture, the asparagus boxes. It’s year 1 and I feel like they’re doing well. They’re still sending up lots of new shoots:

180701 asparagus


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