Container Garden Update — June 17, 2018


Nights continue to be cool and the basil is hating it. It’s supposed to be warming into the 70’s and 80’s this week, and the lows should be in the mid-50’s. Hopefully it’s full speed ahead the rest of the summer.

The transplanted strawberries are looking happier. The damaged leaf on the left is old. The growth in the center is new:

180617 strawberries

The cucumbers have tiny proto-cucumbers (bottom flower):

180617 cucumber

The Tromboncino have finally reached the trellis. There are some small fruits at the bottom of the plants:

180617 tromboncino

The tomatillos have many blooms and a few fruit. The bees love the blooms:

180617 tomatillo

Four of the five tomato boxes. The two boxes on the right contain indeterminates. The white pvc supports are intended to discourage blowovers:

180617 tomatoes


A “reverse-angle” overview:

180617 overview


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