Container Garden Update — June 17, 2018


Nights continue to be cool and the basil is hating it. It’s supposed to be warming into the 70’s and 80’s this week, and the lows should be in the mid-50’s. Hopefully it’s full speed ahead the rest of the summer.

The transplanted strawberries are looking happier. The damaged leaf on the left is old. […]

GNOIF: My Dad Says GNOIF is Lazy


GNOIF #32 recap — GNOIF: My Dad Says GNOIF’s Lazy  (Worker placement games, though we didn’t really offer many games in that genre. The title is a riff on the Airplane line:  “I think you’re the greatest, but my dad says you don’t work hard enough on defense.” (spoken by the kid in the […]

Container Garden Update — June 10, 2018


The weather continues to be cool, cloudy, and wet. Everything is growing slowly. Today it’s partly cloudy/partly sunny and fairly windy, which makes the photography a little hit and miss.

The raspberries between gusts:

This whiskey barrel hosts bush-filet-type Maxibel beans, some Marigolds, and other flowers. Interestingly, the bugs have mostly left the beans […]