Container Garden Update — May 27, 2018


It was cloudy and cool for much of this week, and it got down into the high 40’s at night. The weather slowed growth for sure.

Before a couple of the cold nights we attached a plastic hoop house over the basil to be on the safe side:

180527 basil

There are supposed to be a few more nights in the 40’s between now and June 1, so I left the metal hoops on that box for now. We’ve used mini hoop houses like this one in the past for winter gardening. (The original “hoop house” post called for dowels and pvc for the support. Now we’re using wire bent to shape, with clothespins to hold the plastic in place. Much simpler and cheaper. The idea works great with shade cloth or row covers too.)

The Fortex beans might have benefitted from a hoop house as well, but they seem to be ok with the fringy-cold weather so far:

180527 fortex beans

The Fortex beans went from “nothing” to “that” in two weeks. If you look closely behind the Fortex there are Rattlesnake beans that were planted a week ago. They’re just starting to poke out of the soil after the cool week. We hung two pieces of scrap trellis netting up to the tops of the cucumber box (left) and tomatillo box (rear). We’ll see how that works out.

The cucumbers are off to a good start. It’s hard to believe we’ll get ~50 pounds of produce from these:

180527 cucumber

The tomatillos were getting floppy, and the forecast called for gusty 30 mph winds, so I stuck a dowel into the soil next to each of the tomatillos and used velcro plant ties to hold them up:

180527 tomatillo

The Tromboncino zucchini. I over-planted last year, so this year I figured I’d over-correct and leave just one plant per hole. The new leaves look great, so hopefully the strategy will pay off. (Note the holes for the Fortex beans to the far side (north) of the zucchini. They were planted last week at the same time as the Rattlesnake beans in the earlier picture):

180527 tromboncino zucchini

The new asparagus received mulch around Mother’s Day and continue to do well. (Compare to two weeks ago.) There are 3 more asparagus from the batch from 3 years ago that are under the shade of our oak tree. I’ll likely try to rescue/transplant them to the box soon. As it turns out, under an oak tree is not an ideal location for asparagus. (Maybe it’s just me, but it feels like the shade of the oak tree is especially dark this year. It’s a wonder grass does passably well under the oak.)  Looking at the picture — it seems like a lot of the larger plants are female, which I guess is less than ideal, but should be fine anyway:

180527 asparagus

A view from the back garage door looking out to the yard:

180527 back view


We now have some pea flowers happening, and the salad table is finally ready to start harvesting!:

180527 salad table


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