(Trans)Planting Day, And Other Pictures From Around The Yard


Last Saturday was the Seattle Tilth vegetable sale. The weather is supposed to be warm this coming week, so Saturday became Transplant Day:

180513 overview

The 2018 Plant List:

1 Box Black Krim tomatoes (2 plants. 75 day indeterminate)

1 Box Oregon Spring tomatoes (2 plants. 60 day determinate.)

1 Box – Violet Jasper & Cherry Bomb tomato (Both are cherry/small indeterminates. 75 and 64 days respectively.)

1 Box – Taxi & Paisano (Taxi’s are yellow 65 day determinate. The Paisano are a 68 day determinate “San Marzano type sauce tomato”.)

1 Box – Roma (2 plants. 75 day determinate.)

That’s 3 boxes of determinates and 2 boxes of indeterminates.  I think that’s about as many indeterminates as will comfortably fit on the patio.

1 Box Tromboncino zucchini (2 plants)

1 Box Marketmore 76 cucumbers (4 plants)

2 Boxes Verde Tomatillo (4 plants total.) We’ll use roasted tomatillos either in salsas or as a marinade. We’ve found we’re using them up faster than peppers, so this year we’ve taken one of the pepper boxes and turned it into a tomatillo box.

2 Boxes peppers (12 plants total.  10 Carmen and 2 Jimmy Nardello.) We have plenty of hot peppers in the freezer and dried in the pantry. Skipping a year of hot peppers won’t be the worst thing. The Carmen’s are consistently a super producer for us. We’re going to give the Nardellos another try — last year they sort of got out-competed.

1 Box set aside for basil. (6 plants, about early June)

I think overall the quality of the plants at the sale was pretty good this year. Hopefully that will translate into good yields.

We purchased a few City Pickers. They were purchased specifically for pole beans. The City Pickers are a little wider and shallower than the EarthBoxes, and I’m hoping we’ll be able to squeeze them in at the ends of the trellises. According to the instructions you can do 20 pole beans. This box just got planted with Fortex, which is a stringless Haricot Vert variety:

180513 new container

Continuing with the “container” theme, the raspberries are looking happy this year:

180513 raspberry

The salad table is slowly coming around. It’s been a cool spring and I think it set everything back a couple of weeks. Pictured are romaine, Tom Thumb lettuce, frilly cilantro, dill, and spinach:

180513 salad table

It’s year 1 for the asparagus and we’re babying the heck out of it. This picture was taken right before I added the last of the soil. We’ll give it another 7-10 days and top it with mulch. I think almost every crown has come up:

180513 asparagus

We try to make a point to use NW native plants as ornamentals. This is a Pacific Bleeding Heart:

180513 bleeding heart

A cheerful blue weed that volunteers every year. I don’t believe we purchased it:

180513 blue weed

Bluebells in poor light — I don’t know if they’re native but I’ve seen them around quite a bit in odd places. There are maybe half a dozen of them in shady spots in the back yard:

180513 bluebells

The Shooting Star that is native to the Northwest. I believe it’s “Henderson’s”, or “Pacific”:

180513 shooting star


Visit Dave at Ourhappyacres, host of Harvest Monday.

And Happy Mother’s Day.

4 comments to (Trans)Planting Day, And Other Pictures From Around The Yard

  • Your plants look very happy in their new homes. And yay for all your asparagus crowns coming. Asparagus seedlings are such delicate things. I’m hoping this’ll be a good year in the garden.

  • The asparagus bed is looking good! I’m with you on the Carmen peppers too. They are one of my favorites. I even stoppped growing bell peppers because I have better luck with the Italian types, including Nardello.

  • Just beautiful. I too have some asparagus on its first year and some on the second. Love your shooting star is it a borage or related? The flowers look very similar.

  • The little blue flowers are Forget Me Nots, I believe.

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