The New Raised Bed For Asparagus and A Salad Table Update


The box of Jersey Supreme Asparagus recently arrived. When we went looking for somewhere to plant them we discovered that really didn’t have a good place for them to live. The other two raised beds are already full of chives, rosemary, sage, thyme, oregano, and so on. What we did have was space for one more raised bed. It was easiest to just order a raised bed kit from Amazon for delivery to the house:

180408 raised bed 1

The boards themselves are dovetailed on the ends. They’re supposed to just slide into the grooves on the posts. The reality is that there was more than a little bit of leftover material from the machining process, and the tolerances left something to be desired. I wound up using the two “hammers” in the foreground to knock the boards into place. (Yay for weird scraps in the woodpile!)

Next up was lining the bottom of the bed with newspaper, adding the soil. making trenches, then lining the trenches with compost:

180408 raised bed 2

The box of asparagus contained twenty-seven crowns of varying sizes. Ideally there would be four crowns at most per trench — I had to squeeze a few of the smaller ones five to a trench to fit everything. It’s a fairly sunny spot, so hopefully this batch will do better even if they are a little tight together.

The last step was to add squirrel protection (bird netting):

180408 raised bed 3

Note that the raised bed kit comes with decorative “caps” for the posts. I chose not to use them specifically so that it would be easier to cover the bed with bird netting or potentially run hoops over bed.

One selling point of the Jersey Supreme asparagus is that it’s relatively early, which here in the Pacific Northwest is a good thing. The Territorial Seed Company description:

An exciting release in the Jersey asparagus series. The predominately male hybrid emerges approximately 7-10 days earlier than other varieties. This is welcome news for asparagus lovers and market growers. Great tasting and very tender, Jersey Supreme is just as cold tolerant and disease resistant as Jersey Knight. Will overwinter to zone 3.

The description mentions “market growers”, always a positive sign.

(Link to the raised bed kit for those interested.)


The Salad Table:

In mid-March I spread a bunch of assorted seeds around the top level of the salad table. It’s many of the usual suspects — arugula, romaine, dill, cilantro, and other lettuces. We’re just now seeing some activity:

180408 salad table top

The Miner’s Lettuce on the north side of the middle tier is well ready to harvest. Really, it’s already flowering, so we’d better get to it soon:

180408 salad table middle

The Super Sugar Snap peas in the pots on the north side of the table are just getting rolling:

180408 peas


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