The 2018 Seed List, And New Containers


The seeds have arrived. The list from Territorial Seed:

Qty Item # Product Description Price
1 FL2438/S Bee Feed Flower Mix – Bee Feed Flower Mix 3.05
1 FL2432/S Beneficial Bug Flower Mix – Beneficial Bug Mix 3.05
1 FL2428/S Bohemian Rhapsody Flower Mix – Bohemian Rhapsody 2.95
1 HR1130/P Confetti Coriander/Cilantro – Confetti Coriander 4.35
1 LT406/L Flashy Trout’s Back Lettuce Organic & Pelleted – Flashy Trout’s Back Lettuce Organic 3.45
1 BN038/S Fortex Bean – Fortex Bean Seeds 4.65
1 ON557/S Guardsman Onion – Guardsman Onion 2.95
1 XA106/C Jersey Supreme Asparagus Crowns – Jersey Supreme Crowns 38.95
1 LT393/L Red Sails Lettuce Organic & Pelleted – Red Sails Lettuce Organic 3.45
1 MS473/S Roquette Salad Arugula Conventional & Organic – Roquette Arugula 2.85
2 LT394/S Salad Bowl Lettuce – Salad Bowl Lettuce 5.70
1 PE636/P Super Sugar Snap Peas – Super Sugar Snap 3.95
1 LT395/M Winter Density Lettuce Organic – Winter Density Lettuce 3 grams 6.95

I accidentally did a double order on the “Salad Bowl Lettuce” but that’s ok because the seeds will last long enough that they’ll get planted eventually. I was interested to try some red and/or speckled lettuces — the Flashy Trout’s Back is pictured below. The Winter Density (romaine), Cilantro, and Arugula are staples and represent the varieties that have done the best for us over time. We’re also going to try some asparagus in a better location — the batch we planted 3 years ago hasn’t really thrived.

Flashy Trout's Back

Flashy Trout’s Back

Then there are the beans. We really enjoyed the bush Maxibel filet beans last year. Fortex beans are supposed to be a very similar pole bean that’s highly recommended around the interweb. The Territorial Seed description:

70 days. A productive gourmet delight. The exceptionally long, medium-green pods grow to over 10 inches long. This stringless French filet type pole bean can be harvested at 6-7 inches for extra slender beans. Scrumptious when fresh, the rich, sweet flavor is a welcome treat. Fine restaurant or specialty market farmers should grow this one. The 6 foot tall vigorous plants require trellising.

That sounds tasty, doesn’t it? In a related note, if the Territorial Seed description states:  “fine restaurant”, or “a must for the market gardener”, or “market farmers should grow this one” — that means that it’s a variety we want to Strongly Consider. We also picked up some neat looking cranberry beans at the farmer’s market last year that will get a try. The plan is to train the pole beans up the sides of the trellises that have the cucumbers and vining zucchini.

To house the beans I purchased four of these to squeeze underneath the edges of the trellises:

City Picker


It’s a self-watering 20″ by 24″ container. (Amazon link here. The price seems to be going up as we approach gardening season. I paid about $40 with free shipping for each.) According to the literature each container can support 20 pole beans(!) Hopefully we can find a way to neatly tuck them in to the existing spaces under the trellises. It’s going to be interesting to do a side-by-side comparison with the EarthBoxes.

The 2017 seed list. The 2016 “Too Many Seeds Probably” list.


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  • I don’t know how it compares to Maxibel, but I’ve grown Fortex for a number of years and it’s one of my favorites. The beans do get quite long, but stay tender and are quite flavorful. Or you can pick them younger for a nice sized filet bean. And Flashy Trout Back was a real stunner when I grew it.

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