A No-Knead With Barley Flour


On the left is a No-Knead Bread that substitutes 25% barley flour for the bread flour. The bread on the right is the normal recipe:

180121 barley bread

The barley flour bread was baked in a smaller container, which accounts for some of the difference. Overall though, the barley dough didn’t rise nearly as much as the regular dough. The barley crumb wasn’t “compact”, but it definitely wasn’t as open as the regular loaf.

From a taste standpoint, the barley was fairly similar to the 30% Spelt bread from three weeks ago. They’re both decidedly different from 100% regular bread flour — regular bread flour has a much more “refined sugar” vibe going on. The Spelt was earthier than a regular bread, and I think the barley was earthier still. Interestingly, I really didn’t get “nutty” out of either the spelt or the barley.

I think I’m inclined in the future to limit the percentage of barley in a rustic bread to a lower amount, or just substitute more spelt flour instead. The spelt was much more enthusiastic and the crumb was better. Either that, or barley just needs way more hydration than I gave it. It could be the “right answer” is to increase the hydration from 75% to around 85% and see if that gives the barley bread more lift.

Right now I’m liking spelt more than barley, though I’d guess I need to give barley a few more tries before I really figure out what I think.

Also: I keep typing “barely”. I don’t have that problem with spelt..

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