EarthBox 2017 Recap — The Cucumbers And Zucchini


The Marketmore 64 cucumbers had a good year. I think that’s partly because we harvested them more aggressively, and the plants responded by making more, better fruit. (One box, 4 plants. 38.5 pounds of good-looking cucumbers. We elected not to count the weird stuff that grows after the plants are all but done for the year.)

170820 cucumber

The Tromboncino zucchini accidentally got overcrowded. I planted all four plants we wound up with when it should have been two. I thought maybe it could work. Between the extreme heat and the overcrowding things didn’t go well.  3.8 pounds from the whole box. A more typical year would be around 20 pounds. More User Error That Will Not Be Repeated.

170820 zucchini

The plan next year is to try some Fortex (stringless) pole beans and Cranberry beans up the edges of the trellises. We loved the bush beans this year so hopefully the pole beans will be more of a good thing. It’d be nice to find more self-watering containers for that. It’ll be something to potentially shop for this winter.



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