Container Garden Update — October 1, 2017


The last harvest of summer veg. It’s mostly Siletz tomatoes, Roma tomatoes, Carmen peppers, and Anaheim peppers:

171001 harvest

We also have a big pile of basil to pick through for the “good stuff”:

171001 basil

The newly empty EarthBoxes have been planted with Shallots, Leeks, and Garlic. The romaine in the foreground got a little bit of a head start. All of the alliums are covered with bird netting to keep out the squirrels:

171001 earthboxes

Full circle.


Visit Dave at Ourhappyacres, host of Harvest Monday.


3 comments to Container Garden Update — October 1, 2017

  • So you “brown bag” your tomatoes to ripen them indoors?

  • Ugh, squirrels. They have been bad here too, bringing over nuts from the neighbor’s tree and burying them all over the place here, digging up all kinds of things. Looks like a lot of good stuff on the basil, which reminds me I need to make some pesto with mine.

  • A.J.

    For the green tomatoes – we’ve just been chopping them up and using them in things like green salsa. They go especially well with tomatillos.

    This year almost everything ripened. It was by far the best year for ripening since we’ve started gardening.

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