The Salad Table And Peas – May 2, 2016

by A.J. Coltrane

The temperature was in the 80’s today. The peas responded by busting out:

160502 peas

I thought they were getting close to flowering.

Though I didn’t get a picture of it, the “rogue pea” is blooming too.

The salad table continues its slow progress:

160502 salad table

Some of the arugula has already bolted. The dill is having issues germinating, as is most everything else — I’m thinking that the setup needs some fresher, looser soil. The surface seems relatively compact and it wouldn’t surprise me if the seedlings are having trouble wedging their way free. The right answer may be to mix in a combination of potting soil and compost. Maybe. Either that or it just hasn’t been warm enough yet for most of the seeds to sprout.


March 9 Update here.

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