Pea “Pesto”

by A.J. Coltrane

Pea “pesto” on a baguette. It’s this bread with these peas and basil:

140611 pea pesto

Ingredients with approximate volumes:

Super Sugar Snap Peas and Basil at a 1/1 ratio.

Goat cheese (about 1/3 of the total peas and basil)

Dash of Salt, Glug of Olive Oil


Super Fresh Ingredients That I Don’t Screw Up = a well received little plate.

I’m not planning to raise goats or grow wheat, so this is as close to truly homemade as it’s ever going to get. It’s sorta satisfying to get even that close.

2 comments to Pea “Pesto”

  • A “Glug of Olive Oil”?

    Did you watch the Galloping Gourmet as a kid, too? He’s the one who taught me to measure ounces of wine by the “glug.”

  • A.J. Coltrane

    When I was very early in learning how to cook I liked Graham Kerr, though it was the health-oriented “Graham Kerr Show”. That may be where I picked up “glug”.

    Hard to believe he’s 80.

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