EarthBox – Shade Cloth Hoop Houses

by A.J. Coltrane

It’s supposed to get warm the next few days, possibly into the high 70’s at our house. Today seemed like a good day to put the shade cloth over the cool-weather vegetables.

I’d previously purchased the shade cloth. The bag said it was 6′ x 50′. I unfolded the cloth into what looked like a 6′ x 25′ length and cut. The intention was to get two 6′ pieces off of one end. What I got was two 9′ pieces. No idea why. 9 doesn’t divide evenly into 50..

As it turns out, I only had enough dowels to do two boxes, so I did this:

140428 shade cloth hoop house

The shade cloth is held in place by large binder clips.


Half-barrel Container:  Shallots, Arugula, Fernleaf Dill

Left EarthBoxes:  Little Gem Romaine Lettuce, Spinach

Center EarthBoxes:  Parsley and Cilantro (both mostly hidden) and more Spinach.

Right EarthBox:  Tulle covered, formerly home of the Pak Choi before it bolted.

I was feeling pretty clever! We’ll see if it actually helps.

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Bonus girl cat pic.

140428 girl cat

4 comments to EarthBox – Shade Cloth Hoop Houses

  • Mrs Iron Chef Leftovers

    Adorable kitty!!

  • Iron Chef Leftovers

    Mrs Iron Chef – wait, you commented on Coltrane’s post but not on any of mine?

  • A.J. Coltrane

    That’s because my post had an adorable kitty. :)

    I think that’s actually one of her better photos. The house was very quiet and fairly dark and she was very relaxed, though the catnip “cactus” on the left was seeing some attention.

    Our cats love chewing on the pointy ends of those toys until they burst.

  • Mrs Iron Chef Leftovers

    If your beer posts included adorable kitties (or bunnies) I would be commenting. :)

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