Brew Dog in Australia

By Iron Chef Leftovers

Maybe I should just sell my remaining stash of Sink the Bismark and Tactical Nuclear Penguin. They did only cost me about $75 per bottle…

BrewDog Beers Commanding Stupid Money in Oz (Sydney, Australia) – Although hardly a phenomenon unique to Australia, BrewDog beers are commanding big bucks “down under.” The Australian is reporting that a Dan Murphy liquor store “sold out of $169 BrewDog Tactical Nuclear Penguin, a Scottish tipple that is double-barrel-aged for 14 months and has a 32% alcohol content.” The liquor store chain is also sold out of BrewDog’s Sink The Bismarck India Pale Ale, which sells for $200 a bottle!

Nah. Those are both getting opened in a forthcoming beer tasting. I just need to figure out when to have it.

My precious. You won't be going to no hobbitsis lands.

My precious. You won’t be going to no hobbitsis lands.

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