The Book On The Seahawks

by A.J. Coltrane

Until the Seahawks prove otherwise they’re going to get a steady diet of what they got last night. The Rams defense packed eight players “into the box”, rushed the lanes on either side of the Center, and dared the Seahawks to throw. Teams have been doing that off and on the this year and last year, but I think the rest of the league will watch that game and say “Oh, ok…”

Marshawn Lynch wound up with 8 carries for 23 yards, and a big case of the grumpies.

Wilson was 10 of 18 for 139 yards — 80 of which was on one long touchdown pass. He was also sacked seven times;  he’s currently 2nd (worst in the NFL) in sacks as a percentage of pass attempts. Seattle has allowed the 7th most sacks overall, mainly because they rarely throw the ball. They’re on pace to allow 54 sacks. Wilson won’t survive the season if it continues.

It’s a simple, obvious formula for the defense, and it’s something that’s been coming for a while. Wilson is too short to see over the line when pressure comes up the middle. Now we get to see how the Seahawks adjust.

What’s the adjustment?

“Get healthier at wide receiver and offensive line.”



They *are* 7-1, however. So there’s that. Just don’t count me among the believers.

3 comments to The Book On The Seahawks

  • Junior Joey Jo-Jo Shabadu

    I have been saying this since last year – put pressure on the Seahawks and you can beat them. They had all of those comebacks last year because teams pressured them with 8 guys in the box, built a big lead and then stopped doing it and let Wilson have all day to throw. That is why the Falcons almost lost their playoff game last year.The second you let Wilson relax, he will beat you. The more pressure you put on him (especially if you take away the run) the more likely you are to beat them.

  • A.J. Coltrane

    This won’t help. Sidney Rice is out for the year. It’s now Golden Tate, Percy Harvin whenever he returns, and a cast of thousands.

  • Chad

    Being from Seattle, you should never diss on the Hawks…sounds like you are a “Silver and Black” kinda guy ;)

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