Commencing countdown (Five), engines on (Four)

By Blaidd Drwg

Roger Clemens, regardless of your feelings toward him, is a hall of famer. With 7 Cy Young awards, an MVP, 354 wins and 4600 strikeouts, I don’t care what he may or may not have taken. Roger Clemens is also eligible for the hall of fame in 2013. That should be an […]

The Bad News Bears

By Blaidd Drwg

It is possible that the Newark Bears had these guys in the field for a recent game against the Capitales. It is independent minor league baseball afterall.

The good news: Newark Bears pitcher Mike Ness tossed a no-hitter and won 3-0 against the first place Quebec Capitales.

The bad news: The […]

Too Short

by A.J. Coltrane

From left to right: Matt Flynn, the recently departed Tavaris Jackson (he’s not dead, he’s just been traded to Buffalo), and new rookie starter Russell Wilson.

Flynn is 6′ 2″.

Jackson is 6′ 2″.

Wilson is 5′ 10″ +5/8″

Longtime readers may remember a series of posts I did looking at the […]

When Web Designers Attack

By Iron Chef Leftovers

There are plenty of sites where you can find people’s opinions, good or bad, about restaurants. I have been known to check out sites like Yelp to see the bad reviews of a place just to see the kinds of stuff that people are complaining about when it comes to a […]

Crab Rangoon Pizza

The chili oil wasn't too hot, so the slices got more of it.

by A.J. Coltrane

Inspired by a “greatest pizza in the US” type of show: It’s Crab Rangoon pizza!

For the uninitiated, Crab Rangoons are fried potstickers filled with cream cheese, crab, and scallions.

Crab Rangoons in their native habitat.

To make this into a pizza topping I combined the cream cheese with heavy cream, […]

And Now For Something Completely Different…

By Iron Chef Leftovers

I like strange and unusual beers. There are tons of great beers on the market, but a great IPA is still an IPA and I pretty much know what I am going to get with the style. Experimental beers are a different matter. Places like Dogfish Head and Elysian (with their […]

Watching Paint Dry

By Bladd Drwg

I have no real love for MLS soccer – the play reminds me of schoolyard basketball, the skill level is marginal compared to watching any European team play and the officiating is downright atrocious. I did recently go see the US Open Cup final between Seattle and Kansas City and was treated […]

A Little Orange to Aid Digestion

By Iron Chef Leftovers

Photos By AJ Coltrane

An attempt at a “Fear and Loathing” style camera shot.

I am finally getting around to posting the recipes from the Odd Bits dinner. I will be doing this in reverse order of how they were served, because the end of the meal is much less […]

GNOIF, Trains, And Automobiles — The Recap

by A.J. Coltrane

GNOIF #5 Recap — GNOIF, Trains, and Automobiles. (Transportation theme.)

Games That Got Played: Star Fluxx, Forbidden Island, Lost Cities, Poo, Rocketville, Ticket To Ride Card Game

Games That Didn’t Get Played: Starship Catan, Robo Rally, Ticket To Ride – Europe

Rocketville was the big surprise hit of the evening — […]

Beer of the Week: Firestone Walker Wookey Jack

By Iron Chef Leftovers

To celebrate National IPA day on August 2nd, I decided to crack a bottle of Firestone Walker Wookey Jack, combining a couple of my favorite offshoots of the IPA style – black IPA’s and Rye IPA’s. It is a big beer coming in at 60 IBU and 8.5% alcohol and is […]