Top Chef:Seattle

By Iron Chef Leftovers

If there was any question if Top Chef was filming in Seattle, there has been a Padma sighting at Mistral and the entire crew at Walrus and Carpenter.

Since it is official that they will start filming next week, some challenges I would love to see:

  • Geoduck – It’s a clam that looks like a large penis and is damn tasty. Would make a great quick fire.
  • Bring them out to a shellfish farm, have them dig the oysters/clams/mussels and then have them prepare them.
  • Bring them out to a farm like Skagit River Ranch and make one hell of a BBQ with sustainable produce.
  • Coffee!
  • They should do at least one challenge where they are pairing food with beer and or wine.
  • I am sure there will be some sort of tie-in with the folks at Modernist Cuisine.

To me, these are no brainers.

On a related note, there were some not so flattering comments on about Seattle being the location for the next Top Chef:

Too bad if true. There isn’t anything exciting happening in Seattle especially in food. Portland would’ve been a much better choice.

Great, the trendy hellhole known as the Pacific Northwest. Culinary graveyard.

Eh, Seattle shines in a few areas, but not many.

All of these posters were anonymous, and didn’t have the balls to actually post their real names, so no real surprise there. My guess is they are all from Boston and are unhappy that the culinary wasteland that is Boston didn’t get Top Chef (or Portlander who think they should have hosted). Are we NY, LA or Chicago, no, but we are only a city of about 600,000 and I think we are as good, if not better than SF and Austin, 2 previously featured cities on Top Chef.

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