Beer of the Week: Fort George Sunrise OPA

By Iron Chef Leftovers

Fort George Brewery is a brewery out of Astoria, Oregon. Their Sunrise OPA (Oatmeal Pale Ale) is a session pale ale made with rainier and cascade hops, chocolate malt and 50 lbs of oatmeal in each batch. It is easy drinking at 5.5% and 45 IBU.

The beer pours golden in color with a fizzy white head. Hop forward on the nose, with citrus undertones, but really no hint of the oatmeal is anywhere to be found. The initial taste is crisp and clean with a slight fruitiness as the beer lingers, fading into a pleasant hop bitterness that disappears quickly. This beer has a great hop balance that will remind you they are there, but not smack you upside the head with hoppiness. As the beer warms, there is a more pronounced lemon flavor on the palate. My only complaint – where is the oatmeal? There is a very slight oatmeal like mouth feel to this beer, but so little that you probably wouldn’t know it was there if you were not told that there was oatmeal in the beer. Any oat flavor (or even the use of chocolate malt) was completely overwhelmed by the hops in this beer. It is not a bad thing, but the beer could have been much more interesting with those as the dominant flavors.

Overall it was a pleasant drinking experience and a very refreshing beer if I am looking for something hoppy that I can drink more than one of, but not looking for a hop bomb.

Fort George gets a 3 gun salute out of 5.

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