The Most Life Changing Burger in America?

By Iron Chef Lefotvers

Recently, Esquire magazine named Dick’s Burgers “The Most Life Changing Burger in America” based on the results of an online poll. I have never understood the fascination with Dick’s – Coltrane, Annie, Mrs. Iron Chef and Mrs. Iron Chef’s sister are all huge fans of the place. While it is cheap and is fine drunk food, the burgers are bland with wilted lettuce on a soggy bun served with generally limp and greasy fries.

This Dick’s burger will change your life – it will make you appreciate an actual good burger. This is actually the picture from the Esquire article.

I honestly don’t think that Dick’s, which claims that the “secret” of their success is their patties are “fresh, never frozen, and delivered locally every day.” Based on the price of their burger, I would be willing to bet that those patties are also factory farmed beef, probably no different than what you would find at Wendy’s, which also uses fresh burgers, and who’s burgers are slightly more appetizing than Dick’s (that is really damning praise, since I tend not to like them either).

Of course, #2 in this poll was In-N-Out Burgers which I think may actually be more overrated than Dick’s.

When Iron Chef wants a good, cheap burger, he heads over to Uneeda Burger in Fremont. Their basic burger is about $5 but it looks and tastes so much better than the stuff coming out of the “kitchen” at Dick’s.

5 comments to The Most Life Changing Burger in America?

  • Annie S.

    Coltrane – you know someone who worked at Dick’s let us know the scoop on the burger

    Leftovers – I will join you at Emmer and Rye for their burger and you can leave the fast food eating to me, A.J. and the Mrs. I have to say I wish I had a special, a cheese, a fry and an onion right now. Might have to go on the way home from work.

  • SeattleAuthor

    I think you may have missed the  point here.

  • A.J. Coltrane

    I really enjoyed my Special and three Cheeseburgers after a night of watching Leo Kottke from the beer garden. The last two cheeseburgers were pure gluttony of course. Premeditated gluttony.

    My stock (ritual) order is a Special, a Cheeseburger, and an Onion. The onion gets split between the two burgers (I flip the burgers upside down and add the onion as a bottom layer.) The Special is always eaten first.

  • SeattleAuthor

    Have you tried Time-Out burgers? A bit north of your usual stomping grounds. I haven’t been there in a year, myself, but it was real good back then…

  • Annie S.

    I also get a special and a cheese. However I enjoy taking one bite of the special then chew a little and then bite of the cheese then finish chewing. I also get a fry.

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