Back In My Day, Minimalist Style

by A.J. Coltrane

Mark Bittman, on his show The Minimalist. While using a serrated knife to slice as steak, he had this to say:

I wonder if my mom is watching?

Mom, you watching? How am I doing?

(mom voice)  Why are you using that stupid knife?

(Bittman)  My father would come out with an electric knife. It’s this little power tool with these two reciprocating blades.  Rrrrhmmm..    and it would go (high pitch) rrrrrrrr!!!

It never quite worked very well, but it was cool, you know, it was the 60’s… Electric can openers, electric knives… Blenders…  very exiting time…  Rocketships.

Rocketships! What an anachronism! It reminded of this Simpsons line, as usual.

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