Rooting For The Spurs

by A.J. Coltrane

The San Antonio Spurs now lead the Thunder two games to none in the Western Conference Finals.

Naturally, I’m rooting for the Spurs to win, but it’s more than just vindictive in this case.

The Spurs have now won 20 in a row, and they’re doing it the “right way”, at least […]

Beer of the Week: Laughing Dog Brewing Alpha Dog

By Iron Chef Leftovers

Good boy. Sit. Stay. Drink.

Laughing Dog Brewing out of Ponderay, Idaho, is one of the more underrated breweries in the Northwest. The produce several good beers, but where they excel is in their IPA’s producing several outstanding ones. One of my favorites is the Alpha Dog, a very highly […]

Looking for a Restaurant Recommendation?

By Iron Chef Leftovers

Next time someone asks you for a restaurant recommendation, have them fill out the following mad lib:

I’d like to dine out with my (noun) this (day of the week), and am having trouble finding the perfect spot. I always prefer a restaurant that (everybody/nobody) knows about. I (don’t want to/don’t […]

Redemption and a Witness to Perfection

By Blaidd Drwg

The aftermath of perfection as viewed from my seat.

I wrote recently about missing out on seeing Derek Lowe’s no hitter in 2002. I actually wrote that piece over a month ago, before April 21st happened. What is so special about April 21st? It happens to be the day the Philip […]

The Cottage Food Act of Washington

By Iron Chef Leftovers

There is an interesting item in the Seattle Times about the Cottage Food Act of Washington that will allow people to sell small quantities of “low risk” foods without having to rent a commercial kitchen to produce the food.

Some information on the act:

The draft rule stipulates which foods may […]

Interactive Fast Food

by A.J. Coltrane

By “interactive”, I don’t mean the food itself. I mean the guy standing in the drive-through window.

I’ll back up.

I went for fast food this morning to help absorb last night’s beverages. The guy working the window clearly had little desire to be at work at 5:30am, but overall he was […]

Please, Do Continue

By Blaidd Drwg

vin scully: “I don’t trust my memory.”


That tweet is from Sean Ahmed, who was listening to a Dodgers broadcast a few days ago. I can only assume that Vin Scully was either trying to remember the last time something happened that was similar to what […]

Vintage Beer Tasting Part 2 – The Darks

By Iron Chef Leftovers

Now for part 2 of the Vintage beer tasting. When last we left our heroes they had just made it through 4 vintage Belgian beers…

While Belgian beers are interesting and tend to age well, the really good stuff for aging are dark beers. Darker beers tend to cover a wider […]

Two Videos

by A.J. Coltrane

First off, a fun animated look at Doc Ellis’ “chemically altered” no-hitter. Thanks to M for the link.

Next, we have a guy who gets *very* upset on day one of the Diablo 3 launch. So upset, that he tries to jam his collectors item Soulstone into his head at the end. Almost […]

Vintage Beer Tasting, Part 1

By Iron Chef Leftovers

Recently, Coltrane, Annie S. and I got together with a group of friends and had a rather unique beer tasting, one that involved a number of vintage beers. With the exception of one of these beers, it was a one shot deal: I had only one bottle of everything that we […]