Check, Please! Northwest

by A.J. Coltrane

Check, Please! Northwest features three “local diners” visiting three restaurants, then comparing their experiences on the air with host Amy Pennington.

As might be expected from a show with non-professional reviews,  the quality and usefulness of the commentary can vary wildly. One episode featured a guy who clearly wasn’t comfortable anywhere besides TGIMcFunsters. Another featured a guy who went to the restaraunt, but then couldn’t remember the names of the dishes — and he knew he was going to have to talk about it on television! Take notes! There are also exchanges such as — Host:  “What is your summation of the restaurant?” Guest: “Mmm Mmm Good!”.    Really?

In the espisode that included Island Soul they somehow managed to talk about the drinks, but never once mention the rum flights, which to my mind is the high point of the restaurant.

I haven’t written anything “nice” yet, but it’s still on the Tivo “record” list. Pennington does a good job as the host. The local restaurant reviews can be useful. Hopefully the quality of the guests will improve going forward.

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