The Boston College Eagles Men’s Basketball Team

By Blaidd Drwg

One of the drawbacks about being on the West Coast and having your alma mater on the East Coast is that you don’t get to see a ton of games unless they happen to be nationally televised. As a result, this season, most of my knowledge of Boston College basketball is coming from what I read, and generally it is not good. Heck, they are currently 304th in the nation in scoring, which is just terrible.

The Eagles are a very young team with most of the roster consisting of freshman. That is not a good recipe for success, especially when you play your conference games in the ACC. Most of the pre-season write-ups on the Eagles were unfavorable and predicting a disastrous season. Their non-conference schedule, not exactly studded with tough opponents, was a disaster, leaving the team with a 5-9 record entering into ACC play. How bad was it? Here you go:

  • They beat New Hampshire by 3 at home. A nice way to start off the season.
  • They lost to Holy Cross by 18. HC was 6-8 in non-conference play.
  • They lost to Massachusetts by 36 at home. UMASS is actually pretty good, sporting a 14-5 record, but really hasn’t beaten anyone of consequence.
  • They lost to St Louis by 11. This might have been the highpoint of the season thus far – they were actually competitive with a decent team.
  • The beat UC Riverside by 4, in double OT. You should never need to go to double OT to beat UC Riverside.
  • They lost to New Mexico by 18.
  • They lost to Penn St. by 8 at home. Penn St. is probably the worst team in the Big 10.
  • They lost to Boston University by 14 at home. Ugh, nothing worse than losing the Battle of Comm Ave.
  • They lost to Providence by 7 on the road. PC is one of the worst teams in the Big East.
  • They beat Stony Brook by 15 at home.
  • They beat Bryant by 20 at home. Don’t look now, we have a winning streak!
  • They beat Sacred Heart by 10 at home. Three in a row!!!
  • They lost to Harvard by 21 at home. Not a surprise, Harvard is actually good and was ranked #23 going into that game.
  • They lost to URI by 6 in double OT at home. URI was 2-12 going into this game. Definitely the low point of the season.

Then ACC play starts with a 23 point drubbing by #4 UNC. I had just about written off the season completely and then BC surprises me with back to back wins against Clemson and Virginia Tech. Yes, both of those wins were by 2 points, and both of those teams are currently at the bottom of the ACC standings, and both of those wins came at home, but you know what, I was expecting the Eagles to go 0 for the conference, so I will take back to back wins right now, even if the chances of the Eagles winning another ACC game are pretty low. I think I need to post the ACC standing just for posterity, considering I doubt that BC will be this high up on the list again this season:

#4 Duke 3-0 15-2
Florida State 3-1 .5 12-6
#8 North Carolina 2-1 1 15-3
North Carolina State 2-1 1 13-5
Boston College 2-1 1 7-10
Maryland 2-2 1.5 12-5
#17 Virginia 1-1 1.5 14-2
Miami (FL) 1-2 2 10-6
Wake Forest 1-2 2 10-7
Georgia Tech 1-2 2 8-9
Clemson 1-3 2.5 9-9
Virginia Tech 0-3 3 11-6


2 comments to The Boston College Eagles Men’s Basketball Team

  • A.J. Coltrane

    Ken Pomeroy has the Eagles as #262, with a .2751 rating. (1.000 is best)

    Their RPI is a little better, at #225, (.4667).

  • Blaidd Dwrg

    I find it hard to believe that they would be anywhere in the top 275. Since I wrote this post, they have lost 3 straight by 14, 15 and 17 points. I watched their game against UVA and they were close until the end but never looked like they would actually have a chance of winning the game. The horrible shot selection will doom them every time.

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