Former BC Eagles in the NFL

By Blaidd Drwg

There are currently 15 former Boston College Eagles in the NFL. They are:

Ron Brace – Patriots
BJ Raji – Packers
Gosder Cherilus – Lions
Jo-Lonn Dunbar – Saints
Matt Ryan – Falcons
Will Blackmon – Giants
Ricky Brown – Raiders
Mathias Kiwanuka – Giants
Jereny Trueblood – Buccaneers
Tim Bulman – Texans
Chris Snee – Giants
Antonio Garay – Chargers
Dan Koppen – Patriots
Mark Colombo – Dolphins
Matt Hasselbeck – Titans

Of course, there is also the BC connection with Tom Coughlin at the helm of the Giants. Not bad for a school that has not exactly been known as a football powerhouse over the years. Since my beloved Steelers are out of the playoffs, I usually end up rooting for the team that is left with the most BC players, which is, the Giants. Their playoff run is an interesting one this year, considering that they could potentially face a team in every round of the playoffs that has at least 1 former BC player on it:

Wild Card Round – they beat the Matt Ryan lead Atlanta Falcons
Divisional Round – they play the Green Bay Packers who have BJ Raji on their Defensive Line
Conference Championship – They could potentially play the New Orleans Saints with Jo-Lonn Dunbar roaming the secondary
Super Bowl – They might end up playing the New England Patriots with Dan Koppen on the offensive line.

It probably doesn’t mean much to most people, but as a BC alumnus, I think it is cool.

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