Rat and the American Brewing Industry

By Iron Chef Leftovers

In case you don’t know Pearls writer Stephan Pastis is a beer lover, which makes this strip from 12/21 even funnier.










It is obvious that Rat is drinking a Bud, which is owned by Inbev, a Belgian company. Here is a list of the top 50 brewers by volume in the US from beerinfo.com:

Top 50 Breweries by Volume
1. Anheuser-Busch Inc.
2. MillerCoors Brewing Co.
3. Pabst
4. D. G. Yuengling and Son Inc.
5. Boston Beer Co.
6. Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.
7. New Belgium Brewing Co.
8. North American Breweries
9. Craft Brewers Alliance, Inc.
10. Spoetzl Brewery
11. Deschutes Brewery
12. Independent Brewers United
13. Matt Brewing Co.
14. Minhas Craft Brewery
15. Bell’s Brewery, Inc.
16. Harpoon Brewery
17. Boulevard Brewing Co.
18. Goose Island Beer Co.
19. Dogfish Head Craft Brewery
20. Alaskan Brewing and Bottling Co.
21. Long Trail Brewing Co.
22. August Schell Brewing Co.
23. Stone Brewing Co.
24. Abita Brewing Co.
25. Brooklyn Brewery
26. Lagunitas Brewing Co.
27. Full Sail Brewing Co.
28. Shipyard Brewing Co.
29. Summit Brewing Co.
30. New Glarus Brewing Co.
31. Great Lakes Brewing Co.
32. Anchor Brewing Co.
33. Iron City Brewing Co.
34. Kona Brewery LLC
35. Rogue Ales
36. Firestone Walker Brewing Co.
37. Winery Exchange Inc. / World Brews
38. Sweetwater Brewing Co.
39. Mendocino Brewing Co.
40. Flying Dog Brewery
41. Victory Brewing Co.
42. Gordon Biersch Brewing Co.
43. BJ’s Chicago Pizza & Brewery
44. Stevens Point Brewery Co.
45. Odell Brewing Co.
46. BridgePort Brewing Co.
47. Cold Spring Brewing Co.
48. Rock Bottom Brewery
49. Oskar Blues Brewery
50. Straub Brewery

Numbers one and 2 are both owned by foreign companies, which makes Pabst the largest American-owned brewery in the country. What is interesting is that the top 3 make up something like 80% of the production of beer in the US. Apparently the American double standard of “Buy American” doesn’t apply here. We will buy Fords, which in a large number of cases are built in Mexico, because they are an “American” company, but we won’t buy Toyotas, which are largely built in the US, because they are not an “American” company.

I did find it interesting that the only Washington breweries on the list are Craft Brew Alliance, which make Red Hook, among others, and North American Brewers, which makes Pyramid, among others. There isn’t a single independent Washington brewery on the list.

You know what, I am fine with that. Just more good Washington beer that stays in Washington.

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