San Giorgio Commercial – Revisited

By Iron Chef Leftovers

A few weeks ago I was lamenting over a San Giorgio Spaghetti commercial that I couldn’t find, well I finally found it (in the video below at minute 1). It isn’t complete, but you will get the idea. I think they had a budget of about $10 for the commercial and […]

Manchester United and Their US Tour

By Blaidd Drwg

Wayne Rooney – the man who scored more goals against the MLS in 22 minutes than the MLS scored against ManU in 360 minutes.

Manchester United recently wrapped up their MLS exhibition tour with a 4 – 0 crushing of the MLS All-Stars in New York. In the 4 game series, […]

Mariners Win! Mariners Win!

By Blaidd Drwg

The Mariners finally showed some signs of life today by beating the Yankees 9-2. It must be an embarrassing day to be a Yankees fan, not only losing to a team that hadn’t won a game since before the All Star break, but giving up 9 runs to the worst offense of […]

An Early Reappearance of an Old Friend

By Iron Chef Leftovers

It feels more like spring than summer right now, but the cool, grey weather became a little more tolerable when I stumbled across this little nugget:

It may feel like summer, but to the folks at Elysian Brewing the warm weather that’s finally arrived in Seattle is a reminder that pumpkin […]

Uglier And Uglier

by A.J. Coltrane

Multiple sources are reporting that the Seahawks are parting ways with Matt Hasselbeck. They chose to go with two new guys, signing Tavaris Jackson and Matt Leinhart.


I’m of the opinion that Hasselbeck is cooked, so I’m not broken up about him leaving — I don’t think the Seahawks were going to win more than […]

Kyle Seager and the Silver Bullet Band

By Blaidd Drwg

Bob Seger had skills and range in his younger days. I wonder if he would be willing to trade his guitar for a bat and glove and play 3B for the Mariners?

The Kyle Seager experience is over for now as he was shipped back to Tacoma. Seager managed to actually […]

Getting Your Pork on This Weekend

By Iron Chef Leftovers

If you have a ton of money, time and a great desire to head to the desert this weekend, you should be in Vegas for All Star Cochon 555 (tickets start at $150).

What is it? Well, 10 chefs, 4 butchers, 14 pigs, all sorts of porky goodness – basically the […]

Mini Factoid About Running Backs

by A.J. Coltrane

A mini factiod from a piece authored by Bill Barnwell on Bill Simmons’ new website, Grantland. The piece is about the “dangers” of signing different types of NFL free agents. The excerpt below highlights the potential drawbacks in signing free agent veteran running backs:

…that’s two impact backs in the past seven free-agent […]

Interesting and Useless Baseball Facts

By Blaidd Drwg

Old friend Joe Posnanski came up with a list of 14 random baseball facts recently (Hey, even the best professional writers get bored). A few of the gems from his list:

14. Johnny Damon has as many hits as Ted Williams (2,654 hits).

Number 14 isn’t all that exciting by itself, but […]

Turning Lobsters into Golf Balls

By Iron Chef Leftovers

A professor a the University of Maine has come up with a way to turn lobster shells into bio-degradable golf balls. Some of the details:

The lobster golf balls solve two environmental problems, actually. “We’re using a byproduct of the lobster-canning industry, which is currently miserably underutilized — it ends up […]