Madden ’12

By Blaidd Drwg

EA Sports, in conjunction with ESPN is letting the fans pick the cover of Madden ’12. Each team has one player listed and the voting is taking place in a bracket format. There are some guys on there who you would expect and some really questionable selections. I have no idea what criteria they used to pick the players, but here are the selection that make me scratch my head:

Pats: Danny Woodhead. Seriously? On a team with Wes Welker and Tom Brady, you pick the RB who had 4 good games in his career and will probably disappear quicker than he appeared? Heck, Bill Belichek would have been a better selection than Woodhead.

This guy might grace the cover of Madden '12. Seriously.

Broncos: Tim Tebow. Yes, he has the pedigree but he started 3 games, completed 50% of his passes and looks like he will have a better NFL career as a RB than a QB (hint to Jack Locker). Granted, the only other guy I could name on the Broncos is Brandon Lloyd, but still, Tebow? Don’t see it.

Panthers: Jordan Gross. Raise your hand if you have any idea who Jordan Gross is. I had to look him up – he is a right tackle. You know you are in trouble when you are resorting to an offensive lineman as your Madden cover choice. The Panthers are bad, but why not Charles Johnson, Steve Smith, or the sentimental favorite, 41 year old kicker John Kasay.

I say, we start an online campaign to get Jordan Gross on the cover, you know, just because.

Dolphins: Jake Long. Another O-Lineman? Really? Why? Could it get any worse than this? YES:

Seahawks: The 12th Man. WTF? They couldn’t even pick a player? I know that the Seahawks don’t exactly have household names on the roster, but how unimaginative is this? You might as well put me on the cover at that point.

Given the Madden Curse, I think this is going to turn into a screw your rival process where a good number of fans are going to vote for the guy on their rivals team or vote against their own favorite player. Besides, if by some miracle the 12th man ended up on the cover of Madden, does that mean that every Seahawks fan would end up injured in some bizarre way causing them to miss the rest of the season?

3 comments to Madden ’12

  • A.J. Coltrane

    Better choices for the Hawks would have been Aaron Curry, John Carlson, or Lofa Tatupu.

    *That* guy? Not hairy but not clean shaven. Happy/excited but not crazy fanatical. Late 20’s/early 30’s (nebulous age.) Not thin, not fat.

    *That’s* Seattle?

  • A.J. Coltrane

    Or Golden Tate.

  • Junior Joey Jo-Jo Shabadu

    Fortunately the 12th man did not make it out of the first round. Hell, I would have rather seen Madden on the cover again than the guy in the Seahwaks jersey.

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