Mike Sweeney calls it a day

By Blaidd Drwg

In 1995, the possibilites were endless for Mike Sweeney. Oh, what could have been.

Mike Sweeney signed a one day deal with the Royals yesterday and then promptly announced his retirement. Sweeney was probably the most feared hitter no one ever heard of back in the early 2000’s playing for the Royals, posting OPS+ numbers between 117 and 148 each season between 1999 and 2005, before back problems pretty much killed his career. Sweeney is generally considered to be one to the nicest guys in baseball, from what people who have met him have told me. Sweeney started his career in the Royals organization as a catcher and really hit is stride when he finally moved to 1B, He put together 2 minimally productive seasons with the Mariners before getting dealt to the Phillies late last season. Sweeney ends up in the “what could have been” category for me – a guy who would have put up some great numbers if he could stay healthy and would have been more well known if he didn’t play in the black hole that is Kansas City.

I wish him well in his retirement and hope that some team is smart enough to offer him a coaching job if he wants it.

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