The Big Dance – Sweet 16 Results Show

By Blaidd Drwg

I really need to congratulate myself. With Ohio St. losing, my bracket is officially done, before the Elite 8. I think this has to be a record for someone who was actually picking games with some degree of knowledge. There were some great games in the Sweet 16 – Bulter continues to surprise everyone, Uconn still refuses to lose, and VCU and Florida St. are in a barn burner. You have to love an Elite 8 with only one #1 seed left. Here are the gritty details :

Coltrane Annie S Blaidd Drwg Winner
Ohio St. Ohio St. Ohio St. Kentucky
Syracuse North Carolina Syracuse North Carolina
Uconn SDSU SDSU Uconn
Duke Duke Duke Arizona
Pittsburgh Pittsburgh Pittsburgh Butler
Florida Florida Michigan St. Florida
Notre Dame Purdue Notre Dame VCU
Kansas Kansas Kansas Kansas
W – 3 

L – 5

W – 3 

L – 5

W – 1 

L – 7

Here are the standings after the Not So Sweet 16:

Wins Points
Blaidd Drwg 31 400
Coltrane 34 520
Annie S. 31 470

Basically bragging rights are coming down to the Florida-Butler game. If Florida wins, Annie S. gets bragging rights and if Butler wins, Coltrane takes the crown. They both have Kansas winning the whole thing, so that is the only game where there is a chance for Annie to take the lead. Here is what we all have remaining:

  Elite 8 Final 4 Final 2 Champ
Blaidd Drwg 1 0 0 0
Coltrane 3 1 1 1
Annie S. 3 2 1 1

Brad Stevens - Seriously, is this guy even old enough to drive, let alone coach a college basketball team?

I am pulling for Butler for the rest of the Tournament. Not that I want to see Coltrane win, I just want to see Butler have another shot at a national title. Besides, how could you not cheer for a team where the head coach looks like he is fresh out of high school himself.

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